COVID-19 Coronavirus: Update for Volunteers (23 March 2020)
New Zealand Badminton Open

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Volunteer Contract

To successfully stage the BARFOOT & THOMPSON New Zealand Badminton Open, Badminton New Zealand requires the assistance of a significant number of volunteers across a range of areas all working together as one big team.

In order to ensure that the event runs smoothly, and the expectations of all parties are met, we ask for all volunteers to read and accept the following rules and responsibilities prior to registering.

Rules and Responsibilities

  • I am aware of the time commitment required.
  • I understand that I will be supplied with a BARFOOT & THOMPSON New Zealand Open uniform.  I will wear this at all times when I am on duty as a volunteer and the uniform will be kept clean and tidy.
  • I understand that the volunteer uniforms remain the property of the event organisers, who may request for it to be returned and if not may pursue full cost recovery.
  • I may not smoke in public while in uniform. There will be a designated smoking area.
  • I will adhere to all Health and Safety guidelines.
  • I will not speak directly to the media about the event unless specifically authorised to do so. All media queries are to be referred to the Media Manager or Event Director.
  • Private use of cell phones while on duty should be minimised in order to attend to your duties.
  • I am aware that the primarily communication medium will be email and I will ensure that closer to the event, and during the event, I check my personal email at least once a day.
  • I understand that attendance is important. If I am going to be late for a shift, or unable to attend I will advise the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.
  • This is a voluntary, unpaid position with no reimbursement of expenses (unless agreed prior).
  • I understand that there is no guarantee I will get to see matches being played on court.
  • I will ensure I have thoroughly read my Volunteer Information when it is supplied to me pre-event.
  • I understand that I may be requested to assist at any time in an area of the event for which I have not specifically applied for; with the exception of any medical or other reasonable reasons why this role cannot be performed.
  • I understand that my accreditation pass is issued to me as an event volunteer and should I withdraw from this role, this pass will be returned.  The pass cannot be used by any other person.
  • I understand that I may gain access to the event venue as a spectator, using my volunteer accreditation pass for sessions where I am not scheduled to work, however I cannot access any volunteer benefits (ie. meals) at these times.
  • I understand my responsibilities and I am aware that my role may be ceased, or I may be moved to another area if I do not fulfil my obligations.

Registration as a volunteer is deemed to be acceptance of the above rules and responsibilities.